Bunting/Flags - Usage

Look after and extend the life of your Flag and Bunting Products

1. We always recommend that flags and bunting are taken down in windy or stormy conditions, this includes low temperatures.

2. We cannot guarantee how long our bunting or flags will last as this is dependent on many varying conditions, such as where they are hung or flown, localised wind speeds and the surrounding climatic conditions - especially through the night where temperatures may fall well below freezing.

3. Wind speeds exceeding 25 mph (Force 6 on the Beaufort scale) are extremely likely to damage or reduce the life of your flag / bunting we strongly advise taking both products down

4. Bunting or flags should not be allowed to fly/flap against an obstacle such as a wall, Tree or fence etc. as this will definitely damage the surface graphics and almost certainly cause the material to fail, including the webbing on bunting.

5. Flags or bunting should never be stored wet, they should be thoroughly dried then stored in a dry well ventilated place.

An excerpt from the Beaufort Scale
The Beaufort scale specifies a force 6 (Strong breeze) weather conditions as: Large branches in motion, whistling in Telegraph wires and Umbrellas used with difficulty.
The wind speeds relating to a force six - strong breeze are from 25 to 31 mph

For more information on weather conditions in your area visit

Our Bunting and Flag products are strictly not recommended severe weather conditions and we accept no liability for any damage caused to or by our product, when the above product usage policy is disregarded